Keeping track of your loans

Our library catalogue enables you to:

All these functionns (searching, ordering media, requesting media, renewing loan periods, checking your loan periods and you user details) can be done using the library catalogue and therefore should be done by yourself. The library staff is happy to help you if need be. Please remember to keep track of your library account and to renew or return library materials when necessary. Please also keep in mind that renewals are made until withdrawl; once another user request a book whose loan period you already extended, you will be asked to return said book. If you have any questions, please contact the library staff.

For further explanations and instructions please see our corresponding information sheet
Library catalogue (Research, Account Services, Interlibrary Loan).

Some notifications are sent via email. For more information please see notificiations by email.

If you return media outside of the library's opening hours, please make sure to use the letter box next to the main entrance of the Main Library. In case you want to return media at another place on campus, make sure to pack them inside an envelope, the envelope should always state the following: your name, the library you are addressing the return to as well as "Return" (=Rückgabe).

Library ID and password

Your user number is on the back of your library card below the barcode. You need it to login to the library catalogue to order books or access your account (see Passwords of the University Library).

The default password for students of UBT is the date of birth in six digits (DDMMYY; e.g. 031093, when born on 3rd October 1993).
The default password for university staff and external users consists of the last six digits of the library user number.

We would advise you to change the default password. You can change your password in your library accout under "My details" and "User details".

If you forgot your password, please use the function "Forgot password?" in the UB Catalogue, or contact the information team via e-mail or phone 0921/55-3420.
Bibliotheksausweis Benutzernummer

Working with lists to save research results

If you have found interesting results in the library catalogue which you would like to save for later, select and add them to a list of favourites.

Select a list in the upper left corner of the full record and click on “Save”. Alternatively select the relevant titles in your list of search results, select your list and click “Save”. Log into the catalogue to name lists and to save them permanently.

Choose the tab “My list” to create new lists and revise them, e.g. delete titles. It is also possible to export individual lists, print or send them via email, as you can do with a list of results.

For reasons of data protection, we do not store your library account history. Please use these lists to save the titles you have borrowed.

Mailing media (lending/returning)

Chargeable book mailing service for students

If you are not near Bayreuth, students of the University of Bayreuth can have up to seven media at a time from the holdings of Bayreuth University Library sent to their home via a chargeable book mailing service via DHL. This is possible within Germany.

To do this, write down all the media you want in the form "Order for the chargeable mailing of library books" (only available in German).

You can also request interlibrary loans that have already been ordered. All media marked as "available for order" in the UB Catalogue (for example media from the closed stacks ("Magazin")) must be ordered in advance via the UB Catalogue of Bayreuth University Library to the personal library account. Please select the Main Library as the pick-up location.

This service does not apply to books from the reference collection (e.g. location 31 or books in course reserve collections).

Please note that you can only use this service if you already have a valid Campus-Card from the University of Bayreuth.

Return media by mail

You can return books by mail. Please send them to the following address:

Universitätsbibliothek Bayreuth
Universitätsstr. 30
95447 Bayreuth

We repeatedly encounter problems with the provider Hermes. Some shipments to us are not delivered for no comprehensible reason and are returned to the sender.


The normal usage of the University Library is free of charge (admission, borrowing, reservations, etc.) but certain special services will require a fee to be paid (e.g. interlibrary loan for certain usergroups, overdue reminders, scan services). These special services and the corresponding costs can be found in our list of library fees.

On how to pay these fees via the library ID-card and its general usage please see the information sheet about the library fee system.

If you have questions concerning your fees, please contact us (telephone: 0921 / 55 – 6166, e-mail:

Lost or damaged books

Using books leaves marks on them. Please handle them with care. In case library media has been damaged, please inform our staff at the circulation desk when returning it, and read this information sheet.

If you lose any of our media, please report it immediately at the circulation desk of the corresponding departmental library.

Please do not highlight, underline or write comments in the books. Pencils are no exception. Please also refrain from using adhesive tape to fix torn pages.