Loan periods

The loan period for most of our media/books is four weeks. Students may renew items up to ten times, external users twice. All renewals are valid until withdrawal.

The loan periods vary for some library items. If you are not sure, please have a look at your online account in the library catalogue. Loan periods of media you ordered via ILL (Interlibrary loan) can only be renewed once. Renewals are invalid or impossible if any other user places a request.

See our information sheet "The library catalogue" for further information.


Textbook collection

Students may borrow items from the textbook collection for four weeks. The loan period can be renewed up to five times, unless they are requested.

The loan period for staff and external users is two weeks without renewal.

The following locations label the textbook collection:

Departmental Library Law and Economics

Location 31

Items of this location may only be borrowed by academic staff of the University of Bayreuth, a short term loan for other user groups is not possible.

Special location 34

Users of all groups may borrow up to a maximum of 5 items for 2 hours for usage in the Departmental Library Law and Economics.

Short term loan

The main part of our collection is freely accessible in the reading rooms and may be borrowed according to the regular conditions. Still there are certain media, which are labeled for reference use only and have to remain in the library.

These items can only borrowed over night or for the weekend. These include e.g:.

The loan periods for these items are different in every departmental library:

Media from the Main Library are for available for short term loan from Monday to Thursday from 5 pm until 10 am of the next working day. On Friday the loan period may already start at 3 pm. You can keep the books over the weekend but they have to be returned on Monday until 10 am.

Media from the Departmental Libraries Natural Sciences I and II and Earth Sciences are available for short term loan from Monday to Thursday from 4 pm, on Friday from 12 pm until 10 am of the next working day.

These books will be reminded immediately at the user's expense.

Please return them absolutely in time in the according departmental library.

Basically excluded from short term loan are the following media: