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Citavi is a Windows-based software for reference management with extensive tools for knowledge organization.
The Citavi campus licence has been extended until 31st August 2024 and is funded by the IT Service Centre. Due to the change of the licensing model in July 2021, having a licence is mandatory to open projects.


Zotero is a free open source reference management tool, which helps to keep track of researched and assessed literature when writing scientific theses. Zotero also facilitates citing considerably. It can be used for the operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux and is also suitable for collaborative projects.

Reference management with Citavi

Citavi helps you to:

  • create bibliographies and add citations to your thesis
  • import search results from library catalogues and specialized databases that have been saved as a text file or in the clipboard
  • use the browser add-on Citavi Picker program to evaluate websites and text documents for bibliographic information, graphics and text sections, URLs and screenshots and add them to your personal Citavi libary; to copy the ISBN or highlight text and search in library catalogues and databases
  • update references by adding abstracts, citations, own thoughts, notes, keywords and comments
  • and much more.

Get Citavi

If you leave the University of Bayreuth before the licence expires, you can continue to use Citavi until the end of the licensing period.

Citavi courses

The University Library regularly holds introductions to Citavi (in German only).

For courses in English, please contact us via email.

Citavi consultation (Online)

Currently, instead of a personal consultation hour on site in the Main Library, we offer a digital consultation hour via MS Teams. Every Tuesday from 14:00 to 15:00 you can contact us via MS Teams and discuss individual questions and problems you encounter while working with Citavi. By clicking on the MS Teams symbol you can reserve a free slot for the consultation hour via an appointment poll. (Please note in the commentary section that you would like the consultation to take place in English.) You will then be sent the link to the MS Teams meeting.


You can always contact us via email:         Email the Library's Citavi Support Team

Reference management with Zotero

Zotero is a free open source alternative to Citavi. Additionally, it runs on Windows as well as other operating system (Mac, Linux).

Get Zotero

Download the programme here: Set up the Zotero Connector (browser add-on) available under the same link.

Zotero courses

In our introduction to working with Zotero we give an overview over the functions of this reference management tool and show you how to work with it when writing your thesis. You will learn how to include bibliographic information in Zotero and what options there are for using those in bibliographies and as references in papers.

Please register for our German Zotero courses on the e-learning plattform Moodle.

We offer courses in English on request. Contact us!


Clemens Engelhardt, Tel. 0921 / 55 - 3429

Magdalena Rausch, Tel. 0921 / 55 - 3427


You can always contact us via email:                     Email the Library's Zotero Support Team