The University Library

The Bayreuth University Library is a central institution of the University of Bayreuth and the most important library for general sciences in the region. Its main task is the provision of literature and information for scientists and students at the University of Bayreuth.
The University Library also offers access to information for the general public.

In addition to the Main Library, which includes the Humanities Departmental Library, there are five other departmental libraries, each located within their respective faculty buildings: Departmental Library RW (Law/Business), Departmental Library NW I (Biology/Chemistry), Departmental Library NW II (Mathematics/Computer Science/Physics/Applied Natural Sciences), Departmental Library GEO (Geosciences) and Departmental Library FIMT (Research Institute of Music Theatre). An additional stack room is located at BayCEER (Dr. Hans-Frisch-Straße, Bayreuth).

The total holdings of the University Library include 2.3 million books and periodical volumes (1.8 million physical units) and approx. 1800 current printed periodicals. Furthermore, the library has a wide range of electronic media, including 33,500 licensed online scientific journals (e-journals).

Its significant special collections include African Studies, Music Theatre and some important regional history book collections.

Anyone can use the library or borrow books free of charge.

There is further information in the Yearbook of the Bayreuth University Library which has been published at the EPub Bayreuth document server since 2009.