Purchase suggestion

Are you missing a certain book or media?

Please send us a message with your purchase suggestion.

Our subject librarians will examine your request and will inform you about their decision. Then the book can be reserved for you as the first borrower.

We try to acquire titles as e-book editions on request or in reasonable cases. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. On the one hand, a university library cannot buy e-books for private end users (via Kindle etc.) for licensing reasons, but only those that are offered with so-called campus licences (which allow access to all university members). On the other hand, due to the large number of authorized users, a campus licence usually costs a lot more than e-books for private end users.

So please understand that we cannot fulfil every e-book request, even if we would like to.

For your purchase suggestion, please log in at the Library Catalogue (TouchPoint) and use the functions Ask your library and Purchase suggestion (as shown in the pictures).

If literature or other media shall be acquired for chairs, please visit "Informations for researchers and lecturers" at our homepage.

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