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The information team answers all your questions about library use, research, databases and document delivery.

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The information team (from left to right):
Katharina Lehner, Jörg Schultheis, Franziska Göde, Gerd Albert, Regine Bittner and Dieter Ryttich

Service hours of the information desk are:

Mo - Thu:  9.00 - 16.00

Fr:            9.00 - 13.00

We are happy to schedule appointments outside these hours upon request.

By phone

Feel free to call us: 0921 / 55 - 3420, - 3458

By e-mail

We will answer email inquiries from Monday to Friday. We will respond as quickly as possible, usually within one business day. If the answer should be delayed, you will receive an interim report.

Individual consultations

Are you looking for literature for your paper, bachelor's or master's thesis? Are you unsure which databases are suitable for your research or would you like to improve your search strategy? Do you need individual support with your literature research on a specific topic?

You are welcome to arrange an individual, free consultation session with us, either to be held online via MS Teams or in person in the Main Library. A consultation can take up to 60 minutes.

By clicking the calender-symbol below you can choose and reserve one of the offered dates. If none of the offered dates suits you, please feel free to contact us with one or two suggestions for different dates yourself. You can do so via mail:

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We help you optimize your search strategy (finding search terms, combining different search terms and choosing suitable search fields) or assess with you which search tools other than the UB Catalogue might be of help as well. Additionally we will gladly answer your questions concerning how to obtain literature.
Please note that we cannot give you concrete recommendations for literature or any reviews of found literature. For questions concerning your scientific methodology please consider turning to your academic advisor or the Writing Center of Bayreuth University.

We offer this service not only to members of the University, students as well as staff, but also to other interested external users.

Our services in detail: