Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to offer you information, that relates specifically to you as researchers and lecturers. This includes information on ways to use e-services (e.g. journals, databases), to publish your articles with us, or to create course reserve collections.

Admission requirements

As a member of the university you are automatically admitted to use the university library. Your official ID card, which you will receive from the university administration, is also your library ID card. You can choose a password for your user ID (the default password is the last six digits of your account number). You have access to the entire range of the university library. Please note that we must not hand over any media without your library ID card. However, you have the option to issue a warrant for your staff to pick up books or articles for you. You can use this form *, which you can also receive at every circulation desk. This option is also suitable for scholars, who spend less than half a year at the University of Bayreuth. For longer stays, a separate ID card can be issued.

Use of digital services

Many online journals can be accessed via the Electronic Journals Library (EZB). Information on the existing (scientific) databases provides our Database Information System (DBIS), listing all databases available at the University of Bayreuth in one single interface. It also allows for a subject-specific differentiation. Database research and the display of full-text journals is restricted to members of the University of Bayreuth; authentication is usually provided through your IP address. Only a few cases require a login via password. To access the databases and journals from home, you must install the VPN client on your computer. You can find more information on the VPN client on the pages of the data center .

Own publications

You can deposit your publications (theses, dissertations, journals or conference papers) on the publication server EPub Bayreuth. You will benefit from many advantages (e.g. broad dissemination and archiving).

Open Journal Systems Bayreuth (OJS Bayreuth *) is a platform for the administration and publication of academic Open Access journals by members of the University of Bayreuth. This service enables the complete editorial workflow of a scientific journal to be clearly displayed in a uniform user interface. You can easily adapt the layout and the workflow process of the journals to your individual requirements.

Recommendations for the standardised indication of affiliation for members of the University of Bayreuth can be found in the publication guideline “The Affiliation in German and English Language Publications”. Information on how you can contribute to your publications entered in databases being clearly assigned to you as author can be found on our website about author identification.

Information on dealing with and publishing your research data online can be found on the homepage for research data management.

For the creation of bibliographies for your publications the University is now offering a specially licensed reference management programme; please read the information on Citavi.

Course reserve collections and purchase requests

In course reserve collections you can compile important literature for your lectures, seminars, or trainings at a central location in the library. You can even set up templates for making copies. If necessary, contact the circulation desk of the respective department library. If you need more literature for your research and lectures, or if the available copies are not sufficient, please feel free to send a purchase request.

Our information sheets and useful websites

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us personally or via our contact data if you have any further questions.