Dear library users,

Bayreuth University Library is open to all interested visitors. You can use and visit all libraries. If there is a need to get to another area of the library that you cannot reach or can only reach with difficulty (as described below), please contact the staff on site. Of course, we will also assist you, for example, in retrieving books from the top or bottom shelves.

Information on the individual libraries can be found here.

Almost every building has barrier-free access and entrance areas as well as accessible parking spaces in the immediate vicinity. Lifts and accessible toilets are available in all large buildings.

People with moblity impairments

In the Main Library you can find a lift for people with mobility impairments or wheelchair users. Coming from the main entrance, you have barrier-free access to the lift, which takes you to the basement (cloakroom, toilets, accessible toilets) and to the ground floor (circulation desk, information desk, reading room). If you want to access the upper floor, you will need a key for the lift. Please ask the staff at the circulation desk for said key.
You can find accessible toilets in the basement of the Main Library next to the other toilets, as well as on the ground floor, in the annex building of the Main Library. To use the toilet in the basement, you have to collect the key at the circulation desk.

If you would like to access the first floor of the Departmental Library for Law and Economics (RW)., we ask you to please use the lift outside of the library to access the floor in question and then ring the bell at the upper entrance to the library, using the intercom system there. A member of staff will then unlock the door for you.

A paved walkway leads you from the Audimax to the barrier-free entrance to the Departmental Library of Biology and Chemistry (Natural Sciences I). The intercom system allows you to contact the circulation desk of the library on the ground floor. If you want to leave the library through this entrance way, you can contact the circulation desk by using the electronic bell at the door.

The different floors of the Departmental Library of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences (Natural Sciences II) and Departmental Library of Geosciences are mostly not barrier-free accessible. Please contact the staff at the circulation desk for assistance in obtaining media.

People with visual impairments

A special reading device is available for visually imapired users. If you are interested in or in need of this device, please contact the circulation desk of the Main Library or the information service team.

The so called Sehgeschädigtengerechte Katalog Online (Sehkon) of Dortmund University Library is a directory of media for the visually impaired with citable converted literature in German-speaking countries. It currently includes over 10.000 references. If you would like support in using the services or have questions about accessible media, the library staff will be available for support.

Further questions?

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us using our contact details.

The BECKS service (Office of the Commissioner for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses) has been set up for students of Bayreuth University, whose staff will be happy to help you with any questions and problems you may have on the subject of "studying with a disability and/or chronic illness".

The Studentenwerk Oberfranken (student services organisation of Upper Franconia) also offers psychological counselling.