Course Reserve Collection (CRC)

Important literature for individual courses - composed according to the requests of the lecturer - is kept for one or more semesters at a central place in the respective departmental library or the Main Library for reference use only. Accordingly, all books of one course reserve collection are tagged with the same temporary shelfmark (to indicate where to find them).

In more detail:

SA ZB ... Main Library, reading room, ground floor
SA KW ... Main Library, reading room, annex, 1. floor
SA NW1 ... Departmental Library of Biology and Chemistry (Natural Sciences I)
SA NW2 ... Departmental Library of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences (Natural Sciences II)
SA GEO ... Departmental Library of Geosciences

Up-to-date information on the current course reserve collections and which media they contain is provided through a separate web query*.

As long as books and other media are part of a course reserve collection, they are for reference use only, which means they are not for loan.

The library staff may grant an exception in justified cases. When granted a special loan period for these items, please ensure to return the items on time, as in this case a reminder fee will be issued immediately. Please return the items to the departmental library, in which they belong.

We offer the digitisation service ESA to lecturers who are interested in setting up a digital course reserve collection.

Lecturer’s Reference Holdings

A lecturer’s reference holdings consist of a limited number of media that a lecturer can have set up in their office for the time they teach at the University of Bayreuth.

Altough you can find these holdings in the library catalogue, you cannot normally loan them. It is the respective lecturer’s decision whether or not and for how long inquiring users are allowed to use the media of their reference holdings.

If you would like for us to purchase an additional copy of a book, that is currently only part of the reference holdings of a chair, to be placed inside the library, you can send us a purchase suggestion. A list with an overview of all our locations including the already existing reference holdings of chairs can be found here.

Important information for professors: