DEAL - Nationwide licensing agreements for e-journals from major academic publishers (Elsevier, SpringerNature und Wiley)

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Agreement with Wiley

The DEAL negotiation group and the publisher Wiley have agreed on a nationwide, publication-based model for Germany (Publish & Access). This first conclusion of a contract with a large, international academic publisher will significantly improve the supply of literature for researchers in Germany. All completely or mainly publicly funded universities and research institutions in the country, in particular universities, universities of applied sciences, state and regional libraries as well as other research institutions (e.g. Max Planck Society, Leibniz Association, Helmholtz Association) are eligible to participate. The following components of the three-year agreement (2019 - 2021) are particularly relevant:

  • Perpetual access to Wiley's entire portfolio of approximately 1,700 electronic journals
    This includes permanent archive rights back to 1997.
  • Open access publication of articles for all submitting corresponding authors of the participating institutions in Wiley journals (approx. 9,500 articles per year in Germany)
    The articles are usually published under a CC-BY license in genuine (Gold) Open Access journals (approx. 140 titles) as well as in subscription journals (approx. 1,440 titles). At present, it is not possible to publish open access in any of the approx. 90 Wiley journals.
It was agreed on a "Publish & Access model" which includes the open access publication of articles as well as the access to all subscription journals. For each participating institution, an individual fee is calculated based on previous license payments and the respective volume of publications. It covers the access to all subscription journals and the open access publication of articles. In addition, there are article processing charges (APCs) for genuine open access journals at a reduced price.
What does this mean for researchers at the University of Bayreuth?

The University of Bayreuth has supported the DEAL project from the beginning; therefore the University of Bayreuth intends to participate in this agreement.
Access to Wiley journals

Access to journals previously licensed by the University of Bayreuth will remain unchanged. In addition, some previously not accessible Wiley journals will be made available. As part of a transition scenario (until all contracts have been signed), all currently available Wiley journals have been accessible since 23rd January 2019. They will be recorded accordingly in the Bayreuth University Library Catalogue and the Electronic Journals Library within the next few weeks.
Publishing open access in Wiley journals

Open access publication costs for articles in subscription journals are covered by the DEAL contract and are therefore no longer charged separately. The APCs for publication in Gold Open Access journals are subject to a 20% discount. They are annually charged centrally to the respective institutions, so that in most cases there are no further costs for individual researchers. Only if the APC exeed the funding limit of 2,000 Euro recommended by the DFG, which also applies to Wiley journals, the costs to be borne by the scientists themselves. If you are planning to publish in a Gold Open Acess journal, please contact Clemens Engelhardt (Tel. 0921 / 55 - 3429 the Open Access Coordinator in advance.
Authors can decide whether they wish to publish open access or not. However, ‘closed access’ publication does not reduce costs and is therefore not recommended. Thus, the standard for submitting an article to Wiley is open access. Wiley identifies the corresponding authors who are entitled to publish their articles open access in the course of the submission process. This requires the selection of the corresponding author's institution from a standardised list. In order to clearly attribute a publication to the University of Bayreuth, it is crucial that the affiliation ("University of Bayreuth") as well as the e-mail domain "" are entered correctly and/or that the article is uploaded from within the IP range of the University of Bayreuth.
Articles for Wiley’s Gold Open Access journals can be submitted from 22nd January 2019 and for the publisher’s subscription journals from 1st July 2019. In both cases they date of acceptance for publication by Wiley is crucial.
Further information on the agreement with Wiley can be found in the HRK press release from 15th January 2019. It also names three further initiatives from the agreement:

  • a new interdisciplinary journal as a forum for the development of new open access publishing models
  • the establishment of an open science and author services development group focused on innovating and accelerating new publishing approaches
  • a new annual symposium for early-career German researchers focused on surfacing cutting-edge ideas on the future of research communications
The complete text of the contract was published on 18th February 2019.
If you have questions concerning Projekt DEAL please contact

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