Printing, copying & scanning in the library

The IT Service Centre offers printing stations in all libraries. These offer the option of printing in black and white or in colour, as well as a copy or scan function. Copies and printouts have to be paid for with your Campus-Card/your reader’s card. Printing stations can only be used if you put enough money on your Campus-Card/your library card.


  • Every user of the University Library of Bayreuth is able to print documents from their USB flash drive on the printing stations in the library. Please note: Only PDF documents can be printed, other formats cannot be printed on the printing stations.
  • University members can print documents from their own mobile device (via WIFI). Please check the instructions of IT Service Centre.

  • New software will enable "Mobile Print", i.e. printing from your smartphone or tablet, from the beginning of March 2020. A document can be uploaded to from your mobile device. An app is not required; the link can be set as a bookmark in your browser. In addition to PDFs, web pages or mails can also be printed.

    Please note that no settings such as double-sided printing or color selection are possible for Mobile Print. However, it is possible to send the print job from off campus via an own mobile device. The print job must be started on the device within six days using the Campus-Card.

    If you have any questions please contact Horst David ((0921 / 55 - 3145, - 5207)) or
  • Druckstation
    A printing station
    Students and employees of the University of Bayreuth can print documents directly from the PCs located in the CIP-Pools on numerous printing stations on campus. The print job can be printed with your Campus-Card/reader’s card within 24 hours on any printing station. Some of them also offer prints in colour. In addition to PDF documents it is also possible to print PPTX documents or documents in jpg format.

    USB flash drives can be connected to any printing station. A survey of printing stations and details about colour printers is available on the website "Premises and equipment" of IT Service Center.

  • Log on to the PCs in the library

    The PCs in the Main Library and in all departmental libraries are accessible for all users. Students log on with their university-ID and the matching password, which they received from the students‘ office. The university-ID is also printed on the reverse of their Campus-Card.

    Employees of the university log on with their bt-ID and the matching password, which they received from the university administration. The bt-ID is on the reverse of their Campus-Card.

    External users receive their IDs during the registration in the Main Library or in the Departmental Library of Law and Economics. An overview of different IDs is available here.

Making photocopies

There are printing stations in every faculty building and in every departmental library. Printing in black/white as well as in colour is possible. The IT Service Centre created a detailed list of the locations and functions of all devices.

If problems with the printing stations related to the Campus-Card occur, please have a look at the information listed on the website "UBT-Campus-Card".

Scanning/Bookeye scanner

University members can scan single pages at the printing stations. These scan jobs can be downloaded from where they will be available for five days after scanning. Scanning is free of charge. This site gives an overview of all devices with scanning capabilities.
Members of the university as well as external users can use a Bookeye scanner free of charge in the Main Library and in every departmental library. You only need a USB stick/flash drive. Alternatively you can install the app "Scan2 Pad" on your mobile device. Scan2 Pad is available for free in the App Store or in the Google Play Store as an app for download. At the end of the scanning process you have the possibility to download the scans immediately as PDF into iBooks or the bookshelf of Android or to export the file for example via mail.
The usage of book scanners (Bookeye) in the Main Library and in all departmental libraries is free of charge. A USB flash drive is needed to store the scans. Documents up to A2 can be scanned. For copyright reasons, these scans are simple picture files without optical character recognition. The scans can be printed on our printing stations from your flash drive.

Microfilm scanner

Microfiches or microfilms are still produced today, in particular for archiving newspapers on a reliable and space-saving archiving medium. Working with materials appears to be complicated but it is with a little practice they are quite simple to handle.
There are special devices in the Main Library to read these materials and print thems on paper. The microfilm scanner additionally offers the possibility to digitize microfilms or microfiches and save them as PDFs or JPEGs on a USB flash drive.

A print from the microfilm or microfiche scanner costs 15 cents, a scan costs 10 cents. The readers and scanners are accessible Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. If you would like to use them, please contact the staff at the circulation desk or the information desk.


All copies from our printing stations have to be payed for with your Campus-Card/reader’s card. Machines to put money on your card, so-called "Baraufwerter", are located in the Main Library and in the Departmental Library of Law and Economics. Please note: This money cannot be used in the Mensa. There are two different electronic ‘wallets’ on the Campus-Card. One is for the library and printing stations and the other one is for the Mensa.
For exact costs of copies/scans, please have a look at the lists which are posted next to the respective devices. A simple copy in black and white costs about 5 cents. Departments can apply for a card which covers these expenses via their ‘Kostenstelle’ (ITS-Portal – management – edit group identifier – new application).