Connecting to the University's IT network

University members have two options for connecting to the University’s network:

  1. Connecting to the internet by using eduroam: Please note: The number of available slots is limited. Please log on only with the device currently in use and log off again to clear the slot for other users.

  2. Connecting via VPN/Proxy from outside the campus.

The laptop service (“Laptopsprechstunde") of the University’s IT Service Centre (Room NW II, 3.2.U1.159, email adress is available for advice and support with setting up these access options.

By connecting to the University’s network, you accept the University’s usage policy.

Workstations with internet access for all library users are available within the rooms of the University Library Bayreuth. Please follow the instructions concerning the log on process.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the workstations (including library catalogue searches) inside the library without a CampusCard/library card.

BayernWLAN is available for guests of the University of Bayreuth, including visitors of the library. You can find information on this at the IT Service Centre -> " Internet access for guests (@BayernWLAN)".