Your stay in the library

Our library is a clean and quiet place for you to study. Your conduct has considerable influence on the work climate in the library. Please help us to keep our library a pleasant environment for everyone.
The "Allgemeine Benützungsordnung der Bayerischen Staatlichen Bibliotheken" (ABOB) from 18th August 1993 is in place at Bayreuth University Library.

Visiting the libraries is also possible without a library card. You can work on site with the openly accessible media in the respective library. Students and employees of Bayreuth University are automatically admitted to use the library with their Campus-Card. Other interested person have the possibility to get a library card. Here you can find more information on the admission requirements.

Food and drinks

2022-11-21_Food and drinks
You are only allowed to devour books in the library - eating is not allowed. The consumption of food and other beverages is only allowed in the lounge of the Main Library. It is permitted to bring drinks in tightly closed, unbreakable containers into the library. However, glass bottles, open cups of coffe, cans or food are not allowed.



  • Blankets, cardigans, blazers or vests are allowed in the libraries. Only outdoor or winter jackets are excluded.
  • Please leave coats, bags and jackets in the cloackroom or put them in one of our lockers.
  • Please also leave backpacks, (laptop-)bags and suitcases in the cloakroom or put them in one of our lockers.
  • We offer transparent baskets for your work utensils. These can be loaned for one day. We also accept bags with completely transparent sides.
  • Lockers

  • You can find lockers outside the libraries, with the exception of the Main Library and Departmental Library GEO. Usually you need a two-euro-coin as a deposit to use the lockers, but in some cases you may need your own padlock.
  • It is not allowed to use the lockers over night.
  • The Main Library and the Departmental Library RW also offer lockers for longer use for students writing a thesis. If you are interested, please contact the respective circulation desk.
  • The library accepts no liability for valuables.

Reading room workstations/Group study rooms

    Reading room workstations

  • During the opening hours, there is a free choice of seats for all reading room workstations in the libraries. It is not necessary to register at the respective circulation desks. The group study rooms of the individual libraries are also accessible (please note the booking instructions for the Departmental Library RW.)
  • Our reading room workstations are in great demand, especially during busy times. In the interest of all users, it is therefore prohibited to reserve reading room workstations for yourself or others.
  • If you intend to leave the library for more than one hour, we strongly urge you to vacate your workstation completely. This also applies to computer workstations. We reserve the right to remove work materials and personal belongings from such workstations or to log you off the computer.
  • Please leave the workstation as you would like to find it.
  • Please be considerate and do not disturb others while working.

    Group study rooms

  • Group discussions take place in our group study rooms or in the areas designated for group work (green areas in the Main Library).
  • In all other rooms of the library, however, you should keep your voices down. For particularly quiet work without keyboard clatter, the Main Library and the Departmental Library RW offer red or laptop-free zones.
  • Please leave the library when using the telephone. You are welcome to make telephone calls int he lounge of the Main Library.

Handling media

  • Handle books and periodicals with care and return them correctly after use.
  • Use the shelfmark of the medium to guide you back to its exact location. This is the only way the next interested person can find what they are looking for. If you can no longer find the exact location, you can also hand in the items at the respective circulation desk. You can find more information on this here: "Locating media".

Lost and found

Are you missing your flash drive, laptop cable, or a jacket? Lost property is often handed in at the Main Library or one of the departmental libraries.
Please contact the staff at the respective circulation desks. You can also contact us by phone or email.
Should your library card/Campus-Card be left with us, we will contact you via e-mail within a few days, if you have not picked it up yet. Generally student IDs found on campus will be sent to the Student Administration Office.
We will keep your lost property here for a few days, before we send it to the university's official lost-and-found-office. It is located in the post office of the Central University Administration (ZUV).
You may also ask the local lost-and-found-office of Bayreuth at Luitpoldplatz if your objects were left there.