Bayreuth University Library – numbers & figures


Entire collection approx 2.3 million items
Physical units 1,819,736 volumes
            - Accessible in departmental libraries: 472,031 volumes
            - Accessible in the Main Library 1,119,356 volumes
            - In additional stacks 201,124 volumes
            - In the textbook collections 47,996 volumes
Printed journals currently subscribed 1,804 titles
Licensed electronic journals 33,554 titles
New acquisitions in 2016 (incl. donations and exchange with other institutions) 28,367 volumes

User services:

Registered and active users 17,751
            - Users who are not members of the university 1,883
Reading rooms (departmental libraries) 6
Work spaces in reading rooms 1,754
Reading room visitors approx. 2.0 mio.
Loan processes 385,890
Amount of enquiries in the Library Catalogue 2,172,501
Downloads of journal articles approx. 770,000
Days on which the Main Library was open 341
Amount of opening hours per week in the Main Library 90


Entire expenditure for literature (regular budget, special funds, Studienzuschüsse) 3,580,085 EUR
            - For printed monographs (regular budget, Studienzuschüsse) 1,016,002 EUR
            - For digital resources 2,129,105 EUR
            - For printed papers and journals 423,478 EUR

Last update: December 2016

For further information since 2009, see Jahresbericht der Universitätsbibliothek at the institutional repository EPub Bayreuth.