Database Information System (DBIS)

The Database Information System provides access to many scientific databases in all subjects. These databases collect and organise biographical, bibliographical and subject-related information. The most common type are bibliographical databases, which provide information on books, articles from scientific journals or conference volumes but do not provide access to the full-text. However, full-text databases such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, fact databases (e.g. in the natural sciences), portals providing information on a clearly defined subject, and address / stock  inventories (for books, dissertations, pictures or artworks) are available.

The databases in DBIS are filed by subject. Users can also search by name, database type or access type (either licensed by university and accessible through the university network, open access, or available through the CD-ROM Server or single access at one work station). Regrettably there is no DBIS interface in English to date.


Starting DBIS


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