Reference management with Citavi

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With Citavi you can save, manage and edit references. The campus licence of the University of Bayreuth allows all members the free use of Citavi.

In this course we explain the basic functions of Citavi using an example project. It covers the import of references from library catalogues and databases, indexing of content with categories and citations, the compilation of data in lists and the insertion of citations in a text document.

For instructions and tutorials see Citavi's YouTube channel.


Library and research skills are beneficial.


Students of all levels and from all disciplines, employees.


Dates on request, for groups of three or more.


Approximately 90 minutes.

Meeting Point

In front of the circulation desk of the Main Library.


A maximum of 15 participants.

Registration and questions

Clemens Engelhardt, phone 0921 / 55 - 3429