Email reminder

We help you to avoid fines by sending you an email to let you know if any of your items are due to be returned.

Please make sure that we have your current email address so that we are able to contact you. You can enter it in the user data section of your account and change it if necessary (see Library Catalogue – My details – User details).

In order to receive our email reminder, ensure that your email client's spam filter does not block our messages.

Please note that this service does not exempt you from keeping track of the loan periods for the items you have borowed.

Entering your email address

For entering your current email addresses (not more than two), please use the Library Catalogue – my details – user details. Here you can also check email addresses which already entered and update them if necessary.

For students who enrol for the first time or whose account was deleted due to a late re-registration, the email address of the student server ( is automatically entered. You can change these presettings or add an additional address.
If any difficulties occur, we are happy to help.  

Emails which can not be delivered

Invalid email addresses will be deleted from your user account.
Emails which can not be delivered due to a full mailbox will not be sent again.

Please check regularly if the entered email address is still valid so that we are able to contact you.