Extended Opening Hours in the Departmental Library LEG Starting February Due to Unstaffed Access

The Departmental Library LEG will offer extended opening hours from 8 am to 7.30 pm in the future. This can be achieved thanks to the usage of RFID technology and the new option of unstaffed access to the library.

Unstaffed access - how does that work?

You can use your library card/Campus-Card to gain access to the library during the opening hours of the building. Access is not possible without a valid library card/Campus-Card.

Next to the door to the library, you will find a panel. Please present your library card/Campus-Card to the scanner, barcode facing upwards, so that the scanner can read the barcode. Afterwards you can pull the door open. The door will not open automatically.

Please always remember to take your library card/Campus-Card with you whenever you leave the library!
Bild TB LEG Eingangspanel

To borrow media during unstaffed hours, we offer you two self-checkout devices.

You can find more detailed information on opening hours and on how unstaffed access works on the webpage of the Departmental Library LEG.