DEAL at the University of Bayreuth : Elsevier, Springer Nature und Wiley

In its meeting on 19.12.2023, the University Executive Board decided that the University of Bayreuth (UBT) would participate in all three DEAL contracts with the publishers Elsevier, Wiley and Springer Nature (contract years 2024-2028 in each case). As a result, the UB initiated the start of the respective participation processes before the Christmas closure.
Therefore UBT members will continue to have comprehensive online access to the journal portfolio of Wiley and Springer Nature as well as - now new - Elsevier ( which was activated on January 10, 2024) with access to a total of over 5,000 subscription journals - and of course to all open access journals from these publishers. Perpetual access is also included for content published in the years of UBT contract participation.
The contracts also include an open access publishing component:
  • UBT authors can publish Open Access in the more than 5,000 subscription journals. The participation fees to be paid by UBT are based purely on the number of publications within the framework of the newly negotiated so-called paper charge model. This means that UBT will be charged the publication and read fee (PAR fee) for each publication. It does not matter whether the researchers decide to publish in open access or closed access (opt-out), the PAR fee is charged in either case.
  • The publication fees for publications in Gold Open Access journals are discounted by 15 - 20 % compared to the respective list price.
Further details for the UBT on the respective publishers can be found on

Further details on the general conditions of the contracts can be found at:
The univerity library is currently developing a financing concept in consultation with the university management, on how the expected costs for the UBT can be paid.