Looking for standards?

The University of Bayreuth is a member of the Bavarian DIN Standards Consortium. This enables the access to full texts of all DIN standards for all researchers and students of the University of Bayreuth.

The corresponding entry and search interface "Nautos" (as successor to Perinorm) has been activated in the IP range of the campus of the University of Bayreuth. All DIN standards (including DIN/ISO standards) and VDI standards are included. Printing and saving standards is possible and allowed. It is possible to search by e.g. ICS classification, document type or free text searches via "Advanced search fields". Further details and the link to access, which is still referred to as "test position", can be found via DBIS or directly via Nautos.

The homepage of the publishing house Beuth can also be used to search for the appropriate standards. In addition, some standards (DIN standards, ISO standards, VDI standards) are listed in the UB Catalogue.

Due to legal requirements of the VDE, the DIN/VDE standards cannot be accessed campus-wide, but will soon be available for viewing on a stand-alone computer in the entrance area of the Departmental Library NW II. Unfortunately, it is not possible to print or save these VDE standards.

You can search for ASTM standards here. However, there is neither a download nor a print option.