Bayreuth University Library has acquired many e-books, mainly from publishers such as Springer, Wiley, Gabler, Teubner+Vieweg, Hanser and Oldenbourg. All these e-books are accessible via a campus licence (IP check; no password required). The e-books can be read online, downloaded and printed by authorized users (University of Bayreuth staff and students) for scholarly purposes.

All titles are recorded in the catalogue of the University Library and are also available via the publishers websites. Off-campus access to e-books is available by VPN. Please note that sharing and systematic downloading of articles, chapters or entire e-books is prohibited due to copyright protection.


46 e-books from Bloomsbury Publishing are available at Bloomsbury Collections. Bayreuth University Library has acquired the following collections: Anthropology for 2017 and Film & Media Studies for 2017. Accessible e-books are marked with Access Symbol Bloomsbury.


Around 600 e-books from Brill are available at Brill Online. The following collections have been acquired: Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from year of publication 2006 to 2008, Middle East and Islamic Studies from year of publication 2012 to 2018 and Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy, from year of publication 2014 to 2015. Accessible e-books are marked with brill-gruenes-rechteck.


Around 150 e-books from C.H.Beck on history, politics, business and economics in German are available at C.H.Beck eLibrary. Accessible e-books are marked with beck-gruenes-rechteck at C.H.Beck eLibrary.


Around 40 e-books from Böhlau are available at V&R eLibrary. Accessible e-books are marked with schloss-vandenhoeck and can be read, downloaded and printed in individual chapters.


The University Library Bayreuth has purchased 320 e-Books from Cambridge University Press (CUP). The e-books can be read, downloaded and printed in individual chapters or in its entirety. Accessible e-books are marked with Access Symbol Cambridge.

ContentSelect (Bertelsmann, Oekom, transcript, WBG)

Preselect Media GmbH is offering e-books from different German publishers on its platform Content-Select: the University Library Bayreuth has purchased collections with around 2800 e-books on social sciences, geosciences and humanities from publishers Bertelsmann, Haufe/Schäffer-Poeschel, oekom, VDE, Vogel, Transcript, WBG and Wichmann. The e-books are available for downloading and printing.

Duncker & Humblot

Several e-book collections from the publisher Duncker & Humblot are available via Duncker & Humblot eLibrary. The collections encompass around 200 titles on history (years of publication 2007 to 2012) and law (year of publication 2012). Accessible e-books are marked with Access Duncker & Humblot.These e-books can be downloaded entirely and also printed.


Through a national licence funded by DFG (German Research Foundation), around 900 e-books on mathematics (years of publication: 1945 to 2008) are available from Elsevier. Furthermore, access to Methods in Enzymology and a number of multi volume encyclopedias on sciences is possible through a university licence.

de Gruyter

Several collections have been purchased from de Gruyter since 2011 (business and economics, law, mathematics, science and engineering). Furthermore, titles from publishers Oldenbourg and Akademie are also available via de Gruyter: The e-books are available at de Gruyter, as well as for downloading and printing chapters. Available titles are marked with degruyter-hook.


University Library Bayreuth has purchased all available collections (sciences, economics, engineering, mathematics and computer sciences) from Hanser, which contain over 1600 e-books. The titles are available via Hanser e-Library for downloading and printing (marked with hanser-gruener-haken ).

IOP Publishing

Around 215 e-books are available from IOP (Institute of Physics) Concise Physics Collection (years of publication 2014 to 2019).

Manchester University Press

The collection "Studies in Imperialism 2018" containing 153 e-books was purchased by University Library Bayreuth. E-books can be read, downloaded and printed in individual chapters or in its entirety. Titles which are accessible for members of the University of Bayreuth are labeled with schloss-manchester.


The collection Geography (84 titles) from Sage has been acquired. The e-books are available via the Sage knowledge platform for reading, printing and downloading chapters. Accessible titles do not have a lock sign before their link on the Sage knowledge platform. Use the option "Availability" on the right side of the page: Available to Me in order to see only available titles. Please be aware that downloading chapters in pdf-format does not work well due to poor quality formatting (e.g. differing page numbers in pdf versus print version; breakup of mathematical formulas as well as of chemical formulae).

Springer Nature

Since 2007 Bayreuth University Library has acquired collections from Springer Nature on all fields of science. These collections include many e-books from publishers Gabler, Teubner, Vieweg,Verlag für Sozialwissenschaft and (since 2016) Palgrave and J.B. Metzler. DFG-funded national licences for various subjects are also available. Around 75,000 e-books are available, including many textbooks and series titles.

After having acquired further collections, the following collections are now accessible via SpringerLINK:

German-language collections:
  • Erziehungswissenschaften und Soziale Arbeit 2019–2021
  • J.B. Metzler Geisteswissenschaften 2005–2021
  • Natur- und Basiswissenschaften 2000–2021
  • Psychologie 2015–2021
  • Sozialwissenschaften/Recht 2008–2021
  • Technik/Informatik 2005–2021
  • Wirtschaftswissenschaften 2000–2021
English-language collections:
  • Behavioral Sciences and Psychology 2011–2012; 2019–2021
  • Biomedical and Life Science 2011–2015
  • Business and Economics 2005–2015
  • Business and Management 2016–2021
  • Chemistry and Materials Sciences 2000–2008 und 2011–2015
  • Computer Science 2008–2018
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences 2005–2021
  • Economics and Finance 2016–2021
  • Energy 2013–2021
  • Intelligent Technologies and Robotics 2019–2021
  • Literature, Cultural and Media Studies 2017–2021
  • Mathematics and Statistics 1920–2021
  • Medicine 2005–2008
  • Palgrave Economics and Finance 2000–2013
  • Physics and Astronomy 2012–2021
  • Political Science and International Studies 2017–2021
  • Professional and Applied Computing 2011–2012
  • Religion and Philosophy 2016–2021
  • Social Sciences 2017–2021
  • Business and Economics 2000–2021
  • Educational studies and social work 2019–2021
  • Engineering/Computer Sciences 2005–2021
  • J.B. Metzler Humanities 2005–2021
  • Psychology 2015–2021
  • Sciences 2000–2021
  • Social sciences and law 2008–2021

Accessible series:
Through a service provided by Springer, low-priced print copies of e-books (only English-language books) can be purchased by staff and students of the University of Bayreuth. For more see: Springer MyCopy.

Taylor & Francis

Around 100 e-books on geography related e-books from Taylor & Francis have been purchased. Available titles are displayed by choosing the option Full Access Only.

University Press Scholarship Online

E-books from Oxford University Press, University of Chicago Press and other University Presses are available at the platform University Press Scholarship Online. Around 400 e-books on mathematics, physics and music have been acquired. Titles which are accessible for member s of the University of Bayreuth are labeled with UPSO-schloss


Around 320 e-books, mostly textbooks, have been purchased from UTB. Via utb studi-e-books e-books can be read, downloaded and printed in individual chapters.


Around 250 e-books on economics have been purchased from Vahlen. The e-books are available via Vahlen e-library for downloading and printing.


Around 1300 e-books on natural and engineering sciences have been purchased from Wiley. They are accessible both via the Library Catalogue and Wiley Online Library. Accessible titles are marked with wiley-off-schloss.


Starting with the year 2009, WISO database contains over 2,000 e-books on economics and law, mainly in German. The selection includes the following publishers: Bank, Beuth, Bundesanzeiger, Business Village, DATEV, Deutscher Fachverlag, Diplomica, Disserta, Duncker & Humblot, Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch, Finanzbuch, GABAL, GRIN, Haufe, Huss-Medien, Igel Verlag RWS, Lucius & Lucius, Pabst Sciences, Rainer Hampp Verlag, Redline, Schattauer, Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft, Versus, Verlag Wissenschaft and Forschung They are accessible both via the Library Catalogue and WISO E-Books.
Furthermore, Bayreuth University Library offers access many e-books  via German National Licences financed by the DFG (German Research Foundation) (titles are included in the Library Catalogue if not otherwise noted) :

and more freely accessible e-books

  • by searching DBIS ("Art der Nutzungsmöglichkeit": frei zugänglich; "Datenbank-Typ": Wörterbücher, Enzyklopädien, Nachschlagewerke)
  • http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu with over 2m e-books (international, all subjects, not  included in the Library Catalogue)