The books on open access are ordered by shelf mark. This shelf mark consists of the location, the classification number, a codification of the author's name and further information (edition, volume).

Example: Ebel, Hermann: Bürgerliches Recht, 4. edition, volume 1, 1997

The shelf mark is: 31/PD 2080 E15-1(4)+2

Location 31 The location indicates where (Departmental Library, Main Library, stack) you can find the required media.
Detailed information on the locations you can take from the list of locations*. The list of locations gives detailed information on each location.
Classification Number PD 2080 The classification number contains coded information on the content of a medium.
Further Information E15 Coded information of the author's name.
(4) Edition
-1 Volume
+2 Number of copies

Composition of the classification number

To determine the classification number the University Library of Bayreuth uses - like many other university libraries - the Regensburg Classification System* (RVK). The RVK systematically orders each science subject and displays them hierarchically with the help of letters and numbers, known as classification numbers. As part of a shelf mark, the classification numbers assign every medium its place within each subject classification. The hierarchical structure varies from subject to subject.

In addition you can use the classification number to search for literature of a certain topic in the library catalogue.


P Law
PD Civil Law, Private Law
PD 1000 - PD 2880 General
PD 2080 Study Aids, Case Studies