Library Essentials

In our self-study course "Library Essentials" on the e-learning platform Moodle, you will get first information on researching literature and the services of Bayreuth University Library for students. It focuses on library use and access to digital library contents. The course is primarily aimed at freshman students and employees who are new to the University of Bayreuth.

As an alternative to the self-study course, we offer an in-depth training session for students of the University of Bayreuth. Please register for the course "Library Essentials (live session)" (duration 60 min.) to get further information. We currently offer online trainig sessions as well as in person training sessions. Please find the information on formats and dates under "Dates" and register there. You will also find the individual courses in our list of dates on the homepage.

For groups of three or more, we will gladly arrange individual dates with you. This is also possible for face-to-face courses and guided tours within the University Library. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Katharina Lehner, phone 0921 / 55 - 3451

Magdalena Rausch, phone 0921 / 55 - 3427