PDF files instead of paper copies via interlibrary loan

After lengthy negotiations and the necessary technical preparations, starting January 2024 you will, in most cases, receive PDF files instead of the former paper copies when ordering copies via interlibrary loan.
In the process you will receive an email with a download link. You can retrieve the PDF file by clicking on the link and logging in with your library user number.

In addition to the advantage of no longer having to collect paper copies from the library, this new service will further speed up the interlibrary loan process for you. We expect that many orders will be completed within one working day. In addition, resources (paper, toner) will be saved.

This service has only been made possible by the recently concluded compensation agreement with the responsible Verwertungsgemeinschaft Wort. Bayreuth University Library will, during the initial trial phase, cover the 3.50 euro charged for each order for all groups of library users.

Further information on the service „interlibrary loan“ can be found on Bayreuth University Library's homepage.