Looking for standards?

Some standard norms are acessible via our Catalogue. If the standard you are looking for has been published in a DIN-Handbook which is not available at Bayreuth University Library, you can order the handbook via Interlibrary loan. Please be aware that the standard published in a handbook may not necessarily be the up-to-date version of this standard.

Single standard norms can not be ordered via interlibrary loan. They can be accessed at DIN standards repository locations. The only standards repository location in the region is the FH Coburg. You can view the electronic versions of standard norms for free there.

Alternatively, you can send a purchase suggestion to the subject specialist in charge.

Bayreuth University Library does not have a subscription to a standard database (e.g. Perinorm) where you can search for the fulltext of DIN-norms. Some standards are listed in the databases Juris and JURION.

ASTM-norms can be found here. However, there are no download or printing options avaliable.