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University Library Catalogue (InfoGuide)

The Library Catalogue provides a local library portal with a single interface for searching through the collections of the Bayreuth University Library (and other libraries).

The catalogue comprises all media available at the university library, e.g. books, journal titles, CD-ROMS, DVDs, microforms, maps and online media. (Articles and essays from journals and books are usually not recorded. In order to find such an article, please search for the title of the journal or the edited volume; if the title is unknown, please see information on databases.)

Further information on the search function is provided by the integrated help function of the catalogue or can be found on the info sheet Library Catalogue (Research, Account Services, Interlibrary Loan) .

To the Library Catalogue

In order to keep up to date with the newest library literature, please use our monthly acquisitions list * .

Furthermore, the UB-Katalog is a library portal, which offers the possibility to search through the following library catalogues and databases:

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