Service tip for the month December

German Pedagogy Portal

The German Pedagogy Portal (Fachportal Pädagogik) offers users access to:
  • scientific literature with an integrated search and links to digital full texts (inter alia Open Access),
  • research data and instruments for empirical educational research as well as
  • relevant research information regarding research on the history of education.
The portal has a new design since September. Its homepage publishes scientifically relevant news and dates and focuses on new developments in educational research and of the portal. News are reported via Twitter. The services mainly address professionals in educational research and practice, and those interested in educational science. At its centre is German Education Index (FIS Bildung), a bibliographical database that provides comprehensive references regarding all areas of education, and Pedocs, a platform for Open Access publications in the field.
If you have any questions concerning the usage of the University Library, orientation or research, do not hesitate to contact the information team personally, by phone or by email.