Partial resumption of open access funding

In mid-May, the University Library (UB) informed Bayreuth university members that due to the urgent need to consolidate the university’s budget, the Open Access Publication Fund and the Open Access Monograph Fund would be closed with immediate effect. Unfortunately, apart from a few exceptions (publications within the framework of publish-and-read contracts such as DEAL, open access monographs arising from DFG funding) no new applications for funding could be accepted since then. Based on our longstanding open access commitment and with regard to the close contacts to our researchers that have developed over time, we are fully aware of the grave consequences of this funding freeze. We deeply regret the resulting lack of planning reliability and financial imponderables.

Fortunately, the UB has successfully raised funding for the publication of journal articles (Gold Open Access) under the DFG programme “Open-Access-Publikationskosten” (funding years 2022 and 2023). Originally, it was planned to divide these funds equally between the two funding years. Due to current circumstances not yet foreseeable at the time of application, it has now been decided – with the support of the University Governing Board – to already release parts of the second tranche of DFG funds in this fiscal year. Hence, articles published in gold open access journals can now be funded with a maximum of 700 euros gross (= amount of the DFG allowance/article within the funding programme “Open Access Publication Funding”).

Ensuring that the released funds are distributed as fairly as possible is of great concern to us. We therefore first ask those researchers who were directly affected by the funding freeze to contact the Open Access Team of the UB at by 31st October 2022 at the latest. Provided the necessary requirements are met, the UB will arrange for reimbursement of up to 700 euros/article after individual consultation with the researchers. If afterwards there are still funds available in the Open Access Publication Fund, we will open the fund for further applications until the funds are fully spent. In view of the tight budget situation, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee funding for all publications that meet the formal criteria. We therefore kindly ask for your understanding that – in case of an above-average number of applications (per person or chair) – only a selection of publications will be funded.

Applications for funding of open access monographs will continue to be possible only if the publication in question arose from DFG funding. Earmarked DFG funds are available for this purpose in 2022 and 2023. The publication of open access monographs from DFG funding contexts can be supported with an amount of up to 5,000 euros gross each.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Open Access Team at