10 years of support for Bayreuth University Library from the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation

Bayreuth University Library once again received a grant of 200,000€ from the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation in 2022. As intended by the Munich-based foundation, the funds will be used for the acquisition of printed literature.

When the University Library received the first pledge of 300,000€ from the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation in the summer of 2012, it could not have been foreseen that this would result in funding which has now lasted for ten years. In total, the University Library has received around 2.3 million euros from the foundation over the past 10 years and has acquired almost 40,000 volumes with this funding up until now. Initially, only disciplines from the humanities and social sciences were funded, but since 2013, the natural sciences and sports sciences have also received financial support.

Over the past decade, the funds provided by the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation have made a significant contribution to ensuring that the supply of printed books for academics and students at the University of Bayreuth could be maintained at the highest level.

In recent decades, the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation has provided over 65 million euros in financial support to numerous university and research libraries in Germany, enabling them to obtain urgently needed scientific literature. As an independent organisation dedicated to promoting sciences, the foundation i. a. has been awarding fellowships to outstanding scientists since 1993 and has awarded the Heinz Gumin Prize for Mathematics every three years since 2010. In addition, the foundation, which was founded in 1958, offers an extensive scientific programme at its home in Munich-Nymphenburg.